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Jordan holds a special place in my heart. I am part Jordanian and I love the unique old-world feel of my country.

Amman is the capital city of Jordan The ancient city is filled with Western amenities as well as giving the best introduction to the Middle Eastern culture for first-timers.

Downtown: The heart of Amman is the old commercial area of Amman, Jordan.

If you are visiting Amman, I recommend going to downtown Al balad and see the full flavor of its local experience. There are lots of local food restaurants and shops to buy traditional clothes here. Al balad is steeped in ancient history and was the hub of ancient Jordan as it is the oldest part of the city of Amman. 

Everyone can find something that will interest them when they roam around. Browse the markets to buy gifts, shop & souvenirs, and eat local breakfast like hummus falafel and foll I had a lovely time buying my traditional Jordanian outfits as its cheap to shop there Jordanians are very nice and helpful people.

Glance Of Petra / البتراء (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});


More than a marvel, Petra is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world. It is also the most important tourist attraction in Jordan. Groups of tourists from all over the world visit this site every year. Located 240 km south of Amman and 120 km from the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea Bahar Al Mayet, Petra is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Once upon a time, it was the capital city of the Nabatean Arabs.



Tourists can get there via bus from Amman. But I would prefer to rent a car. That way you’ll save up on the hassles of transferring from one transport stop to another. Plus, you have your own privacy with just family or friends to enjoy the trip with. Remember, not everyone likes sharing with strangers.

Renting a car there is about 15$ to 20$ a day. Taxi is about 10$ to 15$ just around Amman. Compare and see so you can save up a lot. 


Wadi Musa or Betra has hotels by the block so you have nothing to worry about. Booking online is even easier so you’ll avoid the inconvenience in case it’s the peak season (from March to May or September to November) when hotels are fully booked. 


For Jordanians 1JD – 1.4$

For tourists 50JD- 75$

Children under 15 are free of charge.


6 am to 4 pm 

Go there the earliest that you can. You can really enjoy the experience more. As everyone would be asked to leave the site when it gets dark.


Hiking shoes are the best kind. However, you can use running shoes if you’re more comfortable with them. Be prepared to walk around the site as there aren’t any motorized vehicles allowed inside.

Check out some travel tips on this site. Luckily, it lists some very good tips on safety and rules to remember when you visit Petra.

The Dead Sea – the most unique place in Jordan

The Ancient City of Jerash 

A once great city in the Roman empire, Jerash is a slice of European history. Walking around and looking at all the ancient columns that stood for such a long time is a really wonderful experience. There was the Triumphal Arch or Hadrian’s Arch and the huge hippodrome for chariot races. You can easily imagine all the ones who watch all those races when you sit in the steps. 

The same is true with the Temple of Zeus and the South Theatre which you can reach after a bit of a climb from the magnificent Forum with its towering columns surrounding a vast plaza. You can see me pose on one of the columns in the first picture below.

Continuing with its Grecian theme is the Temple of Artemis which towered over all of Jerash once upon a time. Sadly, very few parts of the temple were still there as the stones and other parts of it were dismantled and were used to build other churches centuries later. Thankfully, another theatre, the North Theater was restored and is now enjoyed by all the visitors in Jerash. 

Travel tip from someone who’s been there — always bring a hat and sunscreen because it is very hot!

The Citadel

Jordan’s The Citadel is also another breathtaking place to visit. Can you see the middle picture above? That’s the remains of the Temple of Hercules. They are on a very high hill and is very visible around the town. You can see how small the people are compared to the column right? Imagine how the rest of the temple might have looked like when it was still in all its glory thousands of years ago. It must have been breathtaking! 

Aside from the Greek temples, the Citadel is also home to the Umayyad Palace built by the Umayyad Arabs before the first millennium. This was said to be a royal compound for their residences and was once the home of the governor of Amman. Lovers of history and archeology will have a grand time looking around the area with its massive domes, arches, and the Umayyad Cistern which once supported the water supply of the palace.

There are also a few other smaller museums around but I couldn’t visit them all this trip.

Wadi Rum

The Valley of the Moon or Wadi Rum is another must-see in Jordan. Geologists and those who love evolutionary sciences will have their own high time all over this vast sandy site. The gorgeous red sand is truly one of a kind and is such a feast to the eyes especially at night. 

The site is also famous for its ancient petroglyphs, massive sand dunes, and the rock formations that hikers and climbers of all nationalities aim to scale once in their life.

If The Dead Sea is the lowest point in the world, Jordan also has Jabal Umm ad Dami which stands over 6,000 feet in Wadi Rum. For the ultimate in experience in Wadi Rum, stay overnight and camp under the stars. Make sure to follow what the guides tell you though and some tours provide all the camping gear and food that you need to travel in the traditional caravan way of the nomads who roamed this area thousands of years ago.

Best time to travel to Jordan

March to May is the most comfortable months to go to Jordan. You’ll be able to enjoy the climate instead of the warmest season from April to September. However, if you want to experience the desert at its coldest, visit Jordan by January to enjoy it.

Till next time everyone. Safe travels! 

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